Thursday, August 03, 2006

No Sales Tax HoliDays in some states

It's that time of the year! School season is approaching soon. Several states have decided to offer a "sales tax holiday" for certain shopping days in August. These are great since you will pay no sales tax during the period. Here's a list of the ceilings placed by the states where sales tax is exempt (sales tax free) upto these prices per item (for 2006):

AL: Aug4-6 clothing 100; computers 750; school stuff 50; books 30
CT: Aug 20-26 clothing $300
D.C.: Aug 5-14 clothing
FL: July 22-30 clothing 50, school stuff 10; May21-June1 hurricane stuff; Oct5-11,energy-efficient appliances
GA: Aug 3-6 clothing 100; school stuff 20; computers $1000; energy-efficient stuff $1500
IA: Aug 4-5 clothing 100
MD: Aug 23-27 clothing 100
MA: Aug 12-13 all retail items 2500
MO: Aug 4-6 clothing 100, school stuff 50, computers 3500
NM: Aug 4-6 clothing 100, school stuff 15, computers 1000
NC: Aug 4-6 clothing 100, computers 3500;
SC: Aug 4-6 clothing, school stuff, computers, check
TN: Aug 4-6 clothing 100, school stuff 100, computers 1500
TX: Aug4-6 clothing 100
VA: Aug 4-6 clothing 100, school stuff 20
NY: the first state to institute the "no-sales-tax holiday" in 1997-thru 2005; This year, none!
(NY had temporary sales and use tax exemption of clothing, footwear, and items used to make or repair exempt clothing that cost less than $110 per item or pair the week of Jan 30-Feb 5, 2006)

AL, DE, NH : year-round, no sales tax
NJ, PA: no sales tax on clothing (there are other states that have this too.)

It's best to check with your own state's government websites or Department of Taxation/Finance for more details about state sales tax for purchases or services.

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