Saturday, August 05, 2006

The 70,000 Beer Cans In An Ogden Townhouse

This blog is all about savingeverything. So, in the photos below, I show the extreme to savingeverything. While this is old news, I thought I had to show something that represents the central theme of this blog: to save everything. Ok, maybe not everything. I recycle all of my used cans once a month.

70,000 beer cans in an apartment-townhouse in Ogden, UT were discovered in 2005. Plus, just trash... as you can see there's papertowels and cups throughout the piles of cans. After removing all of the cans from the townhouse (including bottles; there's a Pepsi bottle in 1 picture), the landlord recovered $800. Accordingly, the man living in the apartment was good with paying rent on time and vacating himself out of the apartment. The landlord probably also sold the furniture at a garage sale or something? Yuk. Do you think the tenant (a man) (and maybe some of his friends) rinsed out all of the cans and bottles after drinking?


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