Sunday, October 19, 2008

What has happened recently

It's October 19, 2008 Sunday night.
Dow @8852.22; Nasdaq @1711.29; S&P500 @940.55; 10Yr Treasury Note=3.938%; 30-Yr Treasury Bond=4.312%; DJ Utility average=345.6; DowTransportation=3692.73; Nasdaq Biotech=700.74; S&P Smallcap600=282.33; S&P400MidCap=550.01; Russell2000=526.43; Worldwide: Nikkei225=8739.70; TSE Reit idx=818.84; Topix500 TSE Idx=719.20; TopixMid400 TseIdx=871.88; Seoul Composite=1176.79; KRX Index=1171.87; KRX100=2469.54; KOSDAQ Idx=344.20(south korea); BSE30 india=9975.35; Bombay stock ex500 idx=3771.68; HangSeng=14899.24; HangSeng China Ent Idx=7224.56; Dhaka SE Idx=2881.70; HangSeng Mainland25 Ix=4750.07; Shanghai Composite=1913.18; CSI 300 Idx=1828.66; KLSE composite=905.23; Singapore Strait Times=1899.74; Taiwan Taiex Indx=4832.88; Dax=4781.33; CAC40=3329.92; Thai Set50 Idx=327.35; BEL-20=2015.30; PSEi-Philippine SE Idx=2057.84; HO Chi Minh Stock Idx=370.80; FTSE100=4063.01; SwissMarket=6099.62; S&P/ASX=4086.20; NZX 15 Gross Idx=5156.82; NZX ALL Idx=741.66; Karachi100 Idx=9184.24; Karachi ALL Share Idx=6641.45; Mexico Bolsa Index=20312.83; Mexico INMEX Idx=1106.33; Brazil Bovespa Stock Idx=36399.09; DJ Euro TOXX50=2532.17; IBEX35=9655.20; S&P/TSX Composite (Canada)=9562.49; S&P/MIB=21645.00; AEX=252.26; OMX Stockholm30=632.24; Arentina Merval Idx=1216.02; Chile StockMkt Select=2433.04; Venezuela Stock MkIdx=36161.29; Peru General Idx=7906.32; BCT Corp Costa Rica Idx=27312.41; Bermuda StkExch=3717.34; JSE Market Idx (Jamaica)=94727.02;.
Commodities: Brent Crude future=70.57/bbl; Natural Gas Fut=6.9/MMBtu; WTI Crude fut=73.01/bbl; Cocoa future=2122/MT; coffee C future=115.60/lb; corn future=417.25/bu; cotton #2 future=52.57/lb; soybeans=940.00/bu; sugar #11 world=11.58/lb; wheat future CBT=573.00/bu.; Gold 100oz fut=784.00/t oz; silver fut=9.75/t oz. Cattle feeders=98.05/lb; live cattle future=92.80/lb.; nymex crude=73.01; NYC Gate natural gas spot=7.11;
Silver is moving at 9.39; Platinum=876; Gold=784 (down 20 from weekend).
Things have changed alot since my last post in 2006. ING savings is @2.75%. Average 12-month CD's 4.10%. WaMu is now JPM-Chase; as well as Bear Sterns. Wachovia is now WellsFargo. Countrywide is with Bank of America, as well as Merrill Lynch. Lehman Brothers gone! GoldmanSachs gets $5bill from Buffett! Banco Santander acquires northeast Sovereign Bank. AIG gets $85bill from US government. Alot has changed. Credit crisis now. Debt obligations and investment of debt has gone wild. Foreclosures have increased dramatically in 2007 and 2008!

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