Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get Bonus Cash Back or Points at Credit Cards' Malls

Shopping online has always been great for comparative shopping. Sometimes, you can find great deals by shopping online at your credit cards' online shopping mall. Of course, you must start your shopping experience at your credit cards' online mall, sign on, make your qualifying purchase through their site, and meet their terms and conditions and be aware of any restrictions or exclusions. If you meet everything, then within 3 months you will see the bonus points or cashback on your credit card statement, in addition to your current cashback rewards or points. You could potentially earn 3% for your normal Chase Freedom card rotating category (or even 5% depending on your card), and earn another 5% with that merchant online. Please note: sometimes the online merchant will not be categorized the same as the brick-and-mortar merchant. Here is a look at most of the major credit card issuers' shopping malls:

American Express BonuspointsMall.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall. & earn points faster/Shop & earn points faster.html

Bank of America AddItUp Program. (you have to pre-register your bankofamerica qualified card)

FIA (bankofamerica) WorldPointsMall.

Citibank ThankYou Network.

Discover Card ShopDiscover.

unfortunately, i do not know anything about CapitalOne No Hassle Rewards.
Sovereign Bank Sovereign Cash Rewards for Debit Card only.

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